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Resiliency: Backups & Restoration

Apr 05, 2014, Posted in infosec, resiliency, backups, restoration

Meet your new best friend. Backups.

  • While meant comedicaly, backups have saved me more times than I can count. What I can count however was the one tragic event that led to my regimine.
  • Assume a worst case scenerio in which your device is unrecoverable or not present (stolen) and you must begin from zero. What would you need to recover?
  • Automate your backups when connected to the local network or use a dedicated (encrypted) external hard drive.
  • Use your Baseline as your starting spot and get used to the "nuke and pave" approach to system recovery.
  • Magnificent Side effect: You now only carry your most essential data and store as little as possible locally.
  • Encrypt your data before storing off-site.
  • TrueCrypt is getting audited (written 2014 Apr)
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