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Patch & Update: All the Things

Apr 05, 2014, Posted in sosb, infosec, patch

Patch your operating systems and applications on a regular schedule.

  • Use a tiered update system where the most technically savvy people get the updates first and report issues and then team leads and finally critical applications and less technical users.
  • If a tiered system isn't possible, use a tool such as Secunia's PSI or CSI.
  • If that doesn't work for whatever weird edge case, enable Auto-Update.
  • Yet another edge case? You're amazing, CD's mailed weekly and an auto-run BAT script.
  • Most exploited vulnerabilities today are in client side software such as Acrobat Reader, Java, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox
  • Most data exfiltration (theft) and "hacking" today is due to misconfigurations and unknown services. Knowledge is power.
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