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OCD Diaries: The Courage of Brian Krebs

Apr 13, 2014, Posted in infosec, featured, curation, krebs

Krebs at Work

The Courage of Brian Krebs by Bill Brenner at OCD Diaries brings to forefront of the "security industry journalism" disucssion many great points which are delivered well with the provided mood music.

We need more investigative journalists like Brian Krebs. A mix of passion and curiosity mixed with a willingness to learn and live the tech. We have a handful today that do a lot of background and source investigation but few who dive as a far as Krebs. Now, that's not to say he's always correct but he uses his available information well.

Brenner, Bill. "The Courage of Brian Krebs." The OCD Diaries. (accessed April 13, 2014).

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