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Security B-Sides MSP 2014

Aug 25, 2014

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People have been asking "You put out several posts a week, why did you drop off?" Well the simple answer is I've been organizing a security conference here in Minnesota, Security B-Sides MSP 2014.

We were featured twice in local news, including WCCO TV where you can see an interview with me and KSTP as well as CSO Online with our opening keynote Lt. Col. (Ret) William Hagestad II.

The event was an epic success, we had over 200 participants and an amazing volunteer team with 13 terrific team leads.

Speaker Presentations at

Some pictures from the event.

Registration and Exhibitor (tent) Village Setup
Registration and Exhibitor Village Setup

Crypto Party (Practical Paranoia) this picture doesn't capture the overflowing audience on the sides
Crypto Party

"Nerdatorium" audience anxiously awaiting the next presentation Nerdatorium

Lt. Col. (Ret) William Hagestad II Engaging a Participant after his Keynote on Chinese Hackers
Lt. Col. (Ret) William Hagestad II

Human Body Hacking (CPR/AED Training)
CPR/AED Training

Buffet Style Lunch from The Wedge Co-Op
Lunch Buffet

Fresh Baked Cookies made by our Chief Food Officer
Fresh Baked Cookies

Me, wrapping up the event.
Wrapping up

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